Our mission is to create and give tattoos that fit our clients’ vision and turn them into masterpieces that they can wear with pride and confidence.

  • Bloodborne pathogens certified artists.
  • Skilled and talented artists with years of expertise in tattooing.
  • We use high-end brands of inks, vegan and animal friendly.
  • We use disposable and sterilized needles.
  • We take safety very seriously, so all of our tools are regularly sterilized and we strictly adhere to the highest standards of health and cleanliness in the studio at all times.
  • It’s important to us that clients have an enjoyable experience while they’re getting their tattoos done, so each artist works closely with them to make sure everything is exactly as requested and desired before starting the procedure itself.
  • At every step along the way we value customer feedback, because it helps us better understand how to best deliver a unique tattoo suited just for you!

Some of the styles our artist can do:
- Realism
- Portraits
- Oriental
- Japanese
- Traditional
- New School
- Minimalist
- Tribal
- Polynesian
and more than you can imagine!
We can do tattoos in different sizes and plenty of other styles, ranging from minimal to full bodysuit.


Got scars or a faded old tattoo that you want to cover up with a better or new design?

We got you covered ! ! !

  • For a bigger or more intricate cover-up project, we recommend booking an appointment for a personal consultation with your preferred artist.
  • Otherwise, if it’s a simple cover-up, an online consultation can be arranged.
  • For online consultations, send us the following through Facebook messenger, IG direct, whatsapp, viber, telegram, or imessage:

- Photos or a video of your current tattoo that you want to cover-up
- Tell us the size and placement of your tattoo and how long have you had it.
- A photo reference or a brief description of your ideal tattoo design.

Reminders for a proper and effective tattoo cover-up:

  • Your tattoo must be fully healed and a couple of months old; better if it has faded.
  • Collaborate with your tattoo artist for the design. Be open for recommendations as your tattoo artists know better.
  • Your new tattoo design must be bigger than your old tattoo.
  • Colored and darker tattoos are highly suggested to cover up old ones.
  • A second session after the cover-up has healed is required to fill up patchy, faded spots. A minimum fee may apply.


Tattoo Artist Ricardo Dado David


Tattoo Artist Joyzee Colorado


Tattoo Artist Aaron Calderon

Aaron Calderon

Tattoo Artist Reynan Castro

reynan castro