We offer wide range of body piercing through our professional and reputable piercer, Reynan Castro. Reynan has done strict training for his trade and carries a decade-long experience to give you a safe body piercing service. He's also ready to answer your questions about piercings and can guide you with the proper aftercare and even styling.

We accept several kinds of piercings such as:

EAR piercing

-Helix piercing
-Forward Helix
-Snug piercing
-Conch piercing

-Lobe Piercings
-Transverse Lobe
-Daith Piercing

NOSE piercing

-High nostril

-Vertical Tip

TONGUE piercing

-Horizontal or Vertical
-Frenulum Linguae

LIP piercing

BELLY piercing

We only use quality stainless and platinum
Gold is by Request.