Frequently Asked Questions


General Faq

The Needle Z Tattoo Studio is located at 2nd floor, Doña Consolacion Building, 122 Jupiter St. Makati City.
We accept home service within Metro Manila only. Please note that there’s a minimum worth of tattoo required for this service, on top of our home service fee. For more details about this, feel free to contact us!
We accept walk-in clients based on our artists’ availability. We recommend booking an appointment in advance by calling us first before visiting our shop. This is so you can quickly confirm if there’ll be an available artist to accommodate you on your preferred day.
You can send us a message on our Facebook page, Needle Z We may take a while to respond on Facebook, but for a faster transaction, just call us at 027-148-101 (landline) and 0926-656-1637 (mobile).
We accept cash, PayPal, Gcash and bank transfer only.

Tattoo Faqs

The top three things you should do before you get your tattoo:
  • Get a restful sleep the night before your session.
  • For at least a week before your session, moisturize the area of your skin where you’ll have your tattoo (any body lotion or moisturizer will do).
  • Eat enough.
  • Don’t drink alcohol 24 hours before and after getting your tattoo.
  • After getting your tattoo, your artist will teach you about the aftercare for your new tattoo.
The least painful part to get a tattoo is the upper arm for a half sleeve (based on most of our clients’ experience).

Piercing Faqs

  • Get a decent sleep the night before your session.
  • Eat and stay hydrated before coming into the studio.
  • Don’t drink alcohol as it can make your blood nutrients deficient and affect your piercing’s healing time.
  • Your piercer will give some aftercare instructions that you must follow.
  • Leave the piercing on for as long as your piercer tells you to.
We can do almost all piercings in our studio, including ear, nose, lip, belly, genital, dermal punch, and tunnel piercings.
Of course, pain tolerance vary from one person to another, but based on research here are the most and least painful piercings: Least painful: earlobe piercings Most painful:
The golden rule is to always follow the aftercare instructions given to you by the piercer.
Our piercing prices start at Php1,500.
We only use standard jewelry designs that are made of surgical stainless steel and titanium, so your piercing can heal safely and properly. These metals are safe for body piercings. Using jewelry made with a different type of metal (sterling silver, iron, copper, nickel, tin, zin, and brass) can stall your piercing's healing process or cause an allergic reaction. You may go ahead and use your preferred jewelry after at least three months and your piercing has healed.