About Needle Z

Needle Z Tattoo & Piercing Studio is based in Makati. We’re a team of passionate artists, dedicated to our crafts and with years of experience in the industry. We’re also dedicated to keeping our studio a safe and welcoming place for everyone.

Our mission is to create and give tattoos that fit our clients’ vision and turn them into masterpieces that they can wear with pride and confidence.

Tattoos are the core of our business, and we take our business personally--just as much as how every masterpiece is personal for each of our clients.


Needle Z’s origin roots back to the inception of D’Third Ink Tattoo Studio in Manila in 2013. Since then, our team has been offering safe and quality tattoo and piercing services to our clients.

Seven years later, our team pushed for a rebranding effort that mirrors our growth and transformation as one of the known tattoo studios in Metro Manila. This started with changing our business name to Needle Z, followed by revamping our brand identity and moving into a cool new studio in Makati.

All this transformation wouldn’t have been possible if not for our team’s dedication to their craft over the years and our clients’ continued support. And now, we’re happy to continue our creative body art services and refine our skills with better equipment in a bigger and cooler tattoo studio.