Aftercare Tips


"Your tattoo is not yet permanent until it heals".

Wondering why some of your friends have a broken or faded tattoo right after it heals? It is because they probably did not take good care of it nor even put an aftercare cream/ointment on it. To make sure that the color of your tattoo will last, here's the step by step aftercare and maintenance instruction you can follow:


After 2-3 hours you can remove the bandage cover of your new tattoo and wash it with warm water (not too hot) and followed by cold water to close the pores.


Apply a thin layer of aftercare ointment (ask your artist about it) A+D ointment or antibacterial cream

- use triple antibiotic ointment such as Fucidin or Terramicyn just for 3 days if you feel like your tattoo been thru a severe trauma to prevent infections that can cause scars -

*Aquaphor or Tattoo Goo is also good. Put this on as frequent as possible (at least 5x a day) don't let it get dry, always keep it moisturized and clean at all times. Do not use PETROLEUM JELLY it can drain the colors of your tattoo and can clog your pores, because it contains crude which is not really for skin.


Then the next day wash it with some soap, you can use Cetaphil, antibacterial Dial, or Oilatum (mild unscented soap only). Only use your hands to wash it off gently. Don't scrub, rub, scratch, or pick it. Gently pat it off with a paper towel and let it air dry and breathe for a few minutes and then do Step 2 again. Do this for 2 weeks or until your new tattoo is fully healed and the excess skin and swelling is gone.


1. Let the excess skin/ink peel and fall off on its own. This normally happens at the beginning of healing, when the first layer of skin is regenerating.

2. After two weeks or when your tattoo has healed, always put sunblock (at least SPF 50) when you’re heading outside.

3. Keep it moisturised to make the tattoo look vibrant and your skin healthy.

4. While your tattooed skin is still healing and it gets itchy, just gently tap it or put ice on it.

5. Always clean your tattooed skin up until its 1st month to avoid infections.

6. Always drink water to keep your skin hydrated.

7. Having a healthy lifestyle and consuming health foods will work wonder for your skin and tattoo.


1. Don’t drink alcohol after getting your tattoo within 24 hours. Your skin is still healing around this time and it will secrete more blood which will then flush out the ink pigments out of your skin.

2. Don’t eat seafood or any food that can cause an allergic reaction.

3. Don’t swim or soak your tattoo in water for long periods of time, especially within the first two weeks since getting your tattoo. Showers are fine, but avoid taking a bath or soaking in a Jacuzzi.

4. Don’t let your tattooed skin get dry.

5. Don’t’ scrub or scratch the tattooed skin, even when you’re in the shower o when the skin is itchy. It can leave scabs or scars.

6. Don’t let your clothes or anything rub off your new tattoo. Keep it covered with a bandage for at least 2 weeks.

7. Don’t expose it to sunlight as it will dry your skin and can fade/damage your tattoo. Note that regardless of how long you’ve had your tattoo, exposure to sunlight can still cause damage.